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Municipalities within Holmes County

CITY OF BONIFAY                                                   ELECTION HELD:
Jeri Gibson, Clerk                                                     4th Tuesday in March
301 N. Harvey Etheridge St.
Bonifay, FL  32425

TOWN OF NOMA                                                     ELECTION HELD:
3467 Skipper Ave                                                      ‚Äč4th Tuesday in March
Bonifay, FL  32452

TOWN OF ESTO                                                      ELECTION HELD:
3312 2nd Ave South                                                 1st Monday in December
Bonifay, FL  32425

TOWN OF PONCE DE LEON                               ELECTION HELD:
Tammy Melerine, Clerk                                        2ND Tuesday after the
PO Box 214                                                             
1st Monday in October                                       
Ponce de Leon, FL  32455

TOWN OF WESTVILLE                                        ELECTION HELD:
PO Box 123                                                              2ND Tuesday in September
Westville, FL 32464