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Info on Becoming a Candidate

To become an announced candidate for political office:  


  1. You must first file with the Supervisor of Elections office a Form DS-DE 9, which provides for an Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository. This must be filed before opening a campaign account.  NO contributions are to be received and no expenditures made, or authorizing another to accept contributions or make expenditures on the candidate’s behalf.
  2. Within 10 days, after filing Form DS-DE 9, each candidate must file Statement of Candidate Form DS-DE 84, indicating you have received, read and understand the requirements of Chapter 106, Florida Statutes. 
  3. File periodical campaign treasurer’s reports as outlined in chapter 106.07, Florida Statutes.
  4. Meet specific legal requirements regarding campaign advertising and campaign financing.


Further information can be found at


Municipal candidates DO NOT qualify with the Holmes County Supervisor of Elections.  Contact your town clerk.


Qualifying Procedures: 

  1. If you choose to qualify by the petition method for County office you must obtain signatures of one percent (1%) of total number registered voters at the last General Election. For local candidates in Holmes County the number of petitions needed is 115 based on 11,468 registered voters in the 2022 General Election.
  2. If you choose to qualify by paying a qualifying fee, instead of by the petition method, a campaign check must be written for the total amount of the fee, made payable to Supervisor of Elections.     

 Qualifying fees for:                      


  1. Major party candidates will be six percent (6%) of the annual salary of the office sought.
  2. Nonpartisan office and candidates with no party affiliation will be four percent (4%) of the annual salary of the office sought.
  3. Minor party candidates will be four percent (4%) of the annual salary of the office sought, unless the minor party chooses to assess the party fee, in which case it will be six percent (6%).
  4. CDD candidates contact the Qualifying Officer or the Supervisor of Elections office.  


 Complete appropriate Financial Disclosure form.

Sign appropriate Loyalty Oath/Oath of Candidate form.

All documents must be filed with the Qualifying Officer of the Supervisor of Elections office.

Contact the Supervisor of Elections office at 850-547-1107, for additional information.